FORDítással FORDuljon a FORDunához !

FORDuna Fordító Kft.
Cím:    1113 Budapest, Bartók B. út 86.
Tel.:     209-2482, 209-2483;
Fax:     386-8626


The FORDuna Translation Agency is a limited liability company that has been operating successfully since its foundation in 1989. The company's main profile consists of providing translation, interpretation and related services. We are proud of the fact that for years we have been one of Hungary's five largest translation agencies according to our turnover.

The Agency works with 280 regular translators and interpreters skilled in both general translation and specialist areas. Our colleagues specialise in the areas of business, law, finance, information technology, telecommunications, environmental protection, transport, construction industry, education, medicine and science. Our proof-readers are native speakers of the target language or have lived and worked for extended periods in the language or specialist area in question.