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FORDuna Fordító Kft.
Cím:    1113 Budapest, Bartók B. út 86.
Tel.:     209-2482, 209-2483;
Fax:     386-8626

The job of translators

The question of how accurately a translation reproduces the original often arises. Clearly, the knowledge of a language acquired at university is not necessarily enough to be able to translate official documents into that language.

This is why we work with translators whose competence in the target language is at the level of a native speaker. What’s more, our translators also have a sound knowledge of specialist fields and terminology in areas such as economics, law, finance, information technology, telecommunications, environmental protection, transport, construction, education, medicine and sciences.

Our proficient and highly experienced revisers ensure that the translation accurately reproduces the original, taking stylistic and linguistic considerations into account as well.

In order to achieve faithful translations that communicate precisely with the right terminology, FORDuna works with translators and linguistic and specialised revisers who, apart from having a thorough knowledge of the language, are well qualified in various specialist areas and have many years of experience translating in them.