FORDítással FORDuljon a FORDunához !

FORDuna Fordító Kft.
Cím:    1113 Budapest, Bartók B. út 86.
Tel.:     209-2482, 209-2483;
Fax:     386-8626

Specialised translators, translators and revisers

Our agency accepts for translation all types of document and official documents as well as texts of a general nature. We have specialised translators in every field who have a sound knowledge of the terminology in their given area such as economics, law, finance, information technology, telecommunications, environmental protection, transport, construction, education, medicine and sciences. The outstanding quality of our translations is largely due to the translators’ years of experience in a particular field, so the routine use of the right terminology poses no problem for them.

Experience and qualifications – the key to professional translation!

No matter what the field, our professional translators handle the target language with the ease of a native speaker, ensuring fast, exceptional quality translations. Processing each assignment begins immediately and the best translator or reviser is selected for the job, ensuring that the translation will be ready by the deadline requested by the client in every case.

Through our experienced and qualified team, we provide full translation, revision, editing and interpreting services with high standard results.