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FORDuna Fordító Kft.
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Tel.:     209-2482, 209-2483;
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Translation: the key to success

Why us?

Perfect translation, if there is such a thing, can only be achieved through commitment, immense experience and great competence. All our agency’s translators are professionals who are well versed in the terminology and stylistic features of their specialist field and are able to use these adeptly in a specific context to guarantee top quality translation for our clients. Experienced native-speaker translators ensure complete success for our clients by employing optimal translation techniques and linguistic solutions.

Native speaker translation!

Our translators’ impeccable knowledge of a particular field and its technical terminology ensure that you will receive the best service available and will be satisfied with the completed translation. Competent revisers check the text from both stylistic and linguistic viewpoints. This ensures not only that the translated document meets the highest standards of accuracy and faithfully renders the nuances of the source language but also that the style is rounded and the use of language is fluent.


Our proficient, qualified team guarantee translations of the highest professional standard for our clients.