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About linguistic revision

When a text rendered in a foreign language is to be published, it is particularly important that the content is complete and that the translation is grammatically correct and fluent. At such times revising the translation is a must.

Everyone who has tried to communicate in a foreign language knows the feeling of saying something that they are certain is right only to find that the person listening smiles or corrects a word or phrase used in the wrong context.

A good lexical knowledge of a language is not enough if it is not backed up by the sound use of grammar, which is harder to acquire. Usually only people who have used a language habitually for several years are able to master its nuances to the level where they know how and when to use a comma, or which collocation of words is right.

Our revisers weed out all undesirable minor blemishes that may raise a smile. In this way we deliver complete, grammatically correct, fluent translations.