FORDítással FORDuljon a FORDunához !

FORDuna Fordító Kft.
Cím:    1113 Budapest, Bartók B. út 86.
Tel.:     209-2482, 209-2483;
Fax:     386-8626

About our translation team

Difficulties most often arise in the business of translating because few agencies have competent translators for every walk of life. It is frustrating for clients with an urgent translation to be told that the job can only be done with a longer deadline because no translator with the requisite specialist knowledge is immediately available.

High number of team members to meet high expectations!

To cater for all needs and satisfy all our clients, our team boasts 280 regular translators and interpreters with top-flight foreign language and translation skills who are experienced in a wide variety of specialist areas. We are ready to tackle all texts of any length on any subject from translating complex technical specifications, research studies or economic reports to conveying contents relating to the arts. Each job is regarded as a challenge and not as a problem.

To ensure that the text in the target language is as genuine as possible, jobs are only given to translators who are either native speakers or have spent at least 5 to 10 years in a foreign country using the language in question habitually. Apart from European languages, we also work in Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese and even Hindi.

Our team is comprised of qualified translators, so the quality of their translations is guaranteed. Contact us and ask for a quote for our translation service and we will get your job done in the shortest time possible!